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A lesson by Marco Dalla Dea to the students of the Master Sport Business Strategies

15 February 2019
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The partnership between YAK Agency and Master Universitario di I Livello in Strategie per il Business dello Sport goes on: on February 14 Marco Dalla Dea took a lesson on the communication activities carried out for an international sports Federation that works in the Olympics field.

 After last month’s visit of a group of students to the agency’s office in Padua, YAK Agency’s Managing Partner and PR Director was asked to speak about his experience in front of the students of the 14th edition of the postgraduate course, which was born of an idea of Verde Sport and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice in 2005 and is now considered as one of the most prestigious sport marketing institutions in Italy and Europe, having already trained over 430 students to work in sport business management.

Schermata 2019 02 15 alle 12.26.57The lesson, which was held in Treviso at La Ghirada sports centre, the flagship of Verde Sport and home to Master SBS, was focused on the comprehension of the complexity of different aspects of the communication work required in an international sports Federation. After a first part, dedicated to the analysis of Sports Federations and of the International Olympics Committee, the professor focused on the communication activities carried out for a typical federation - the International Shooting Sport Federation - one of the international federations that contribute to Summer Olympic Games. The lesson, which lasted an entire afternoon, dealt with several themes, from the definition of the stakeholders that form the communication target to different strategies applied to the production and diffusion of media contents and to the reports created to monitor the activities, and it ended with a remark about freelancers’ works in the sport sector as an opportunity for students. 

The lesson was a new contribute that is added to the various forms of collaboration promoted by YAK Agency with the last 4 editions of Master SBS, as an evidence of the agency’s will to accompany students into the Italian and international sport industry world.