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Social Media

Social media is critical to enhance a two-way customer dialogue, and ultimately, it creates a stronger emotional bond with your customers.

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Social media marketing strategy

Social media needs to be managed like other communication tools. If you don’t plan activities, you will end up losing the competition. We provide social media marketing services with a clear and creative strategy plan.

Content production

It is essential to produce and share quality contents on social media, which is even more important than the traditional counterpart. In today’s digital world, your company is perceived by engagement rates and interactions that your posts receive from online followers.

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Account creation and management

We create and manage your company’s accounts on social media, using the channels that best fit your overall strategy. We take care of every phase from setup to all the other activities on a daily basis. We are also experts in Chinese social media management for business, e.g. Weibo, Youku and WeChat.

Community Management

We continuously monitor user activities, stimulate their interactions with your brand and track their feedbacks. These are only some of the many actions we take to provide an effective community management strategy.

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Social Media Advertising

The importance of social network advertising has grown steadily along with the use of these platforms. Because of this, we plan and manage Facebook ad campaigns and ads on other social media based on your budget. Therefore you can reach a broader audience with a relevant and consistent value proposition.

Social Reputation Analysis

We keep an eye on the image of your company, brand and products every day. It’s impossible to improve your position and set yourself apart from the competitors without evaluating your company reputation.

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Digital Contest

We are specialized in online contest management. We manage competitions of any type targeted at any audience, starting from the creative brainstorm to the complex bureaucratic management. The purpose of the contest can range differently, either to promote a new product, to increase brand awareness, or to rebrand to improve your coordination and collaboration among internal staff.

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A detailed and comprehensive report is vital to understand your position in terms of KPI and ROI. We are prepared to make adjustments based on the effectiveness of our ongoing marketing activities.

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