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Press Office & Media Relations

Advertising is commonly used to promote a brand/product, yet our public relations experts can achieve success in a more cost-effective way - we produce professional press releases and news to help you gain exposure and influence. 



Our editorial board provides multilingual editing services across disciplines. We craft compelling copies in the right tone of voice that convey your values, engage your readers and make a powerful impact.

Media relations management

Dealing with media outlets can be overwhelming so we are here to help. With our established network and experience, we are able to get your voice across both traditional and digital platforms for enhanced publicity.

ufficio stampa eventi

Event press release

Our international press office has built a large network with general and industry-specific media outlets to ensure your events are successful with high awareness and attendance.

Company press release

Thanks to our internal resources and capabilities, we are able to deliver an effective press release service for companies across the globe, providing comprehensive solutions varying from press release to media relations.

conferenze stampa

Press conferences management

A press conference is a great promotional tool to cover newsworthy events or stories on a limited budget. We help you organize press conference in all steps, from initial planning, contacting interested reporters to follow-up management.

Offline reputation management

When issues threaten your positive brand image, delivering a strategic and timely response is critical to your business’s future. In crisis situations, we defend, protect and improve your reputation through game-changing advice and customised solutions.

distribuzione news

News, photos and videos distribution

We have established a large network of reporters, journalists, editors and online influencers, allowing us to get your content across to your target audience, whether it news, photos or videos.

report pubblicazioni

Media monitoring reports

We provide our clients with timely, accurate and transparent reports created by professional reporting softwares, in order to monitor all marketing efforts and evaluate their effectiveness.

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