ico strategie di comunicazione

Communication strategy

To build a house you have to start from its foundation, to create and implement a  communication plan you need to identify targets, tools and goals. In other words, your business needs a strategy.

strategia consulenza


There is no communication without listening: this is the golden rule for marketing and branding. At the beginning of each project, we listen to your issues and goals before conducting market research to analyse your competitiveness.

Brand positioning strategy

We create positioning and repositioning strategies for brand/product to make it more meaningful to your target market. We explore various solutions to find the best match for your goals based on our research.

media planning

Media Planning Services

“The medium is the message” says Marshall McLuhan, the father and legend of modern media. To build a strong brand identity that reflects your true values, one must get the right messages across the right target audience, and therefore choosing the right media channels becomes vitally important.

campagne adv

ADV Campaigns

We design and implement multi-channel advertising campaigns for both B2B and B2C companies. Starting from situation analysis, visual concept creation to effectiveness monitoring, we pair creative content production with strategic media planning.

Research & Innovation

Nowadays thinking out of the box is essential to stand out in a crowded market - it’s the reality for our agency and clients as well. That’s why we never stop learning through partnerships with universities and research institutes.

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